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Inspired by Victoriana and a love of nature,


I try to create my sculptures to be as realistic as possible and being fascinated by Victorian taxidermy style I use this as a starting point, but where the Victorian style was mannered, distant and quite cruel, my work is completely cruelty free with a love and respect of nature and wildlife. The materials I use, mainly wool, are gathered from local farms in west Wales and I try and keep the whole process of my creations as natural and enviromentally kind as possible. I like to incorporate things i find in the woods and love to spend time foraging for anything interesting, feathers, fallen nests, crystals, broken egg shells, lichen, all find a home back in my studio and are then recreated as still lives for my Birds.


I moved to rural west Wales in 2005 and before that I lived in South London all my life. From an early age I was creative and was interested in sculpture, as a child I used to make plastasine worlds inhabited by tiny dogs, I studied Art from the age of 21 and did a degree in painting at Camberwell school of Arts when I was 26. At 30 I first moved to Wales I lived in a tiny caravan on a remote farm where I saw so much wildlife for the first time, I saw Buzzards and Kites flying around and I would look out of my caravan window and watch tiny Tree creepers and stare out at the hills and mountains, This was all having a big effect on me and influencing my work. I soon started to make things inspired  by the nature around me and as time went on I began to work with wool, I discovered needle felting and found this to be a medium I loved to work in, I began by making mushrooms, Hares, Foxes, Stags and this led on to me making garden and woodland Birds.

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