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For Harry
Robin in glass dome
Price: £200.00
Male Chaffinch
Needle felted Chaffinch
Price: £160.00
Blue Tit
Life sized Blue Tit
Price: £160.00
Song Thrush
Taxidermy style Song Thrush, life sized in scale.
Price: £220.00
Great Tit on stand
Great Tit perching on a black wooden stand.
Price: £180.00
Taxidermy style Goldfinch
Price: £160.00
Pied Wagtail
Woollen sculpture.
Price: £160.00
Woollen Wren
Price: £150.00
Gold Crest
needle felted Goldcrest
Price: £140.00
Nesting Wren in a teacup
Nested Wren inside an antique teacup.
Price: £190.00
Please let me know if you experience any problems at the checkout, my website has been a bit quirky lately so please let me know if it plays up, If you would like anymore info about my work please get in touch on the contacts link or on: eve2222@talktalk.net.
Thank you, Eve O’Neill

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